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What Were Doing This Year

I like to set my year in the art room up working our way through the elements of art and principles of design. The students learn to build these elements up on top of each other and notice the relationship between these elements and principles and how they relate to a finished piece of artwork.

Here are some of our projects were doing this year and the areas were focusing on.Kindergarten & First Grade LineLine CollageShapeYayoi Kusama PumpkinsShape TrainsCollaborative CirclesColorColor FriendsReflective CityscapeFormPaper Strip Roller CoasterClay SnowmenValueIce Cream ScoopsValue LandscapesSpaceFlashlight Fish Tank TextureTexture HuntTexture CollageSnowy OwlVarietyCubism AbstractClose/Kandinsky CirclesRepetitionProportion/ScaleSecond Grade & Third Grade

LineHot Air Balloon Line UpShapeOrganic Shape MonstersPicasso FacesShape PizzaColorBlob Color ValueFormClay DonutsCollaborative Cube MuralOrigami Dragon EyesValueShadow SharkHoneycomb PaintingSpaceRadial PrintFarm FieldTextureText…

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